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A driving force

The Barnim: A ridge between Berlin and the Eberswalde glacial valley. Today the name is associated with and recognised as the region between North-East Berlin and the new EU neighbour Poland. From Bernau, neighbouring the county town of Eberswalde, it is only six kilometres to the outer limits of Berlin. Appropriately, the transport connection network of roads and motorways is well developed, also rail links, waterways and airports are close at hand. The Barnim serves as a bridge between the capital city of Berlin and all that lays to the north and the east in Germany and Europe.

The wealth of contrast in the countryside around Barnim was created by the last ice age. Many clear lakes, great forests and wide open fields and a remarkable variety of flora and fauna ensure an unforgettable nature experience. Large areas are under protection especially the UNESCO Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve.

Geographically, the economic region of Barnim is made up of Berlin, the Eberswalde vale and the surrounding areas which are all closely interwoven. The Barnim is a highly modern region with an excellently developed infrastructure. Living and working, learning and leisure activities – the 184.000 people of Barnim have a wide choice to satisfy even the most demanding needs. The commercial structure is made up by tourism, health, energy and the metal industries.

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