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The Barnim area is a traditional recreation resort close to Berlin and there are more than 1 million visitors a year alone in the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve.
Many commercial events and functions from the capital are performed in Barnim as it is right on the doorstep to Berlin’s north-eastern boundaries. The Oder-Havel waterways join Berlin to the River Oder and the Baltic Sea. In addition to the technology and commercial sites in Eberswalde there is also a modern commercial inland port with a quay that is 420 meters long and is equipped with roll on - roll off ramps and rail links. The expansion and development of the waterways plus the construction of the most modern ships lifting facility in Europe have already been planned and the work has begun.

Barnim has shown an increase in population since 1990 of 25.000 so that today there are more than 177.000 residents.

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