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Strength in power

Of the 5 clinics located in Barnim, 3 are specialist clinics,

one heart centre and a centre for epilepsy.

The Barnim Clinic, Werner Forßmann Hospital

Extended services with a capacity of 450 beds

and a helicopter landing pad

The Brandenburg Clinic

Specialises in cardiology, orthopaedics, neurology, psychosomatic and a children’s department with the main emphasis on oncology and cardiology

Hoffnungstaler Sanatorium in Lobetal

Modern epilepsy centre

College for social welfare

Hoffnungstaler workshop gGmbH

Approved workshop for disabled people

Help for the aged

Bernau Evangelic Free Church Hospital near Berlin

General care services

Brandenburg Heart Centre near Berlin


Heart surgery

Intensive heart therapy

Function diagnostics

Eberswalde District Clinic

Sleep laboratory

Clinic for gerontology psychiatry

Specialist clinic for psychiatry

Specialist clinic for neurology

Specialist clinic for child and youth psychiatry

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